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BlueBioTech GmbH
Production,  Research and Development site Büsum
BlueBioTech is represented by two independent, however closely cooperating R&D oriented companies from Schleswig Holstein /Germany successfully operating in Marine Biotechnology for more than 20 years. We are specialised in R&D, production and sales of microalgae and natural dietary supplements.
At the site in Kaltenkirchen (BlueBioTech International GmbH) the focus is on development, production and sales of natural nutraceuticals. At the site in Büsum (BlueBioTech GmbH) the focus is on Research and Development of microalgae and production of high value products based on microalgae mainly for the international aquaculture feed market.
In the past years we strictly followed our vision to transfer the benefits of R&D in marine Biotechnology into new products.
BlueBioTech GmbH, Production and R&D site Büsum
Since 2000 the company BlueBioTech GmbH is engaged in the field of microalgae biotechnology. Our core competences are innovative R&D for in house projects and external contractors. The main focus is on marine Biotechnologie (“Blue Biotechnology”). As one of the few companies worldwide BlueBioTech produces marine microalgae for various applications.
BlueBioTech GmbH in Büsum at the North sea coast is a spin off from the Research and Technology Center (FTZ) of Kiel University. Since 2009 we are located at the Science and Technology park (MariCube). In close proximity to the Research and Technology Center (FTZ) and the „Gesellschaft für Marine Aquakultur" (GMA) we benefit from excellent contacts to scientists, customers and other innovative companies.
By development and application of innovative technologies we are able to explore and produce microalgae species rarely used so far. Thereby we are able to discover the potential of these species for commercial use. Through succesfull transfer of the developed processes into commercial production we have become one of the leading producers of high value microalgae products mainly for international aquaculture. Our exceptional quality makes us market leader in selected aquaculture products.
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